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Scholl Ingrowing Toenail Kit

Scholl Ingrowing Toenail Kit


Ingrowing toenails usually affect the big toe(s) when there is pressure between the skina nd nail causing discomfort. If left untreated, the nail can grow into the flesh causing sharp pain. If the nail has pierced the skin, please seek advice from your healthcare professional.

Why is Scholl Ingrowing Toenail Treatment special & different?

Scholl Ingrowing Toenail Treatment is uniquely designed as a dual action system to treat and provide relief from discomfort caused by ingrowing toenails.

1: Aerosol Spray cools to help soothe
2: Toenail Straightening Clip allows the nail to grow out straight to prevent discomfort and pain

Can be worn with socks and shoes.

  • 1 kit


    1: 1 Cooling aerosol spray 22ml/ 17g NET
    2: 1 Nail glue 8g NET
    3: 10 Toenail straightening clips

    Not included but required: Nail polish remover

    Suitable for

    Adults and children over 12 years of age.