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We offer a variey of help from easy access to living aids to help with medication

At Sabel Pharmacy we offer our constant support for people with any disability by:

Assessing medicine compliance needs of patients with disability.

  • Providing reasonable adjustment or support.​

  • Providing alternative forms of labelling or reminder chart.

  • Providing multi-compartment compliance aid when required.

  • You can discuss any difficulties you have with taking your medication, for example, swallowing difficulties with specially trained staff.

We stock or can order for quick delivery a wide range of Disability Living Aids such as:

  • Wheelchairs - to buy or hire. Wheelchairs can be self-propelling or push only. It is also possible to have lighter weight wheelchairs for easier portability.

  • Three and four wheeled walkers - useful for people who need more support than a stick or have balance problems.

  • Walking sticks and other mobility aids

  • Bed rails, levers, bed rests, hospital-style beds

  • Raised toilet seats, toliet frames, shower seats, bath seats, bathroom rails, perching stools. 

  • Grab rails, grabbers, ramps, key safes

  • Non-slip mats, cutlery, mugs and aids for eating and drinking

  • Memory aids, alarms

And lots more! Come in and see us, call or email for more information.

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