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NHS Electronic Prescription Service is QUICKER:

You won't have to visit your GP to pick up your paper prescriptions. Instead, your GP will send the prescription electronically to the pharmacy, and, in most instances, your prescription will be ready at the pharmacy waiting for you when you arrive.


NHS Electronic Prescription Service is SAFER:

The electronic prescription contains more detailed information about the items prescribed and your GPs instructions to reduce the risks of any errors during the dispensing process.


NHS Electronic Prescription Service is MORE EFFICIENT:

The process at your GP surgery is more efficient which will allow your GP and the surgery staff to spend more time delivering excellent patient care and less time on administrative duties etc. Also, your GP does not need to issue paper prescriptions anymore, saving the NHS money


How can you use EPS?

You need to choose a preferred pharmacy for your GP to electronically send your prescriptions to – this is called 'nomination'. Complete the form below or let our staff know and we'll set this up


How can I change my nomination, cancel it, or continue to get a paper prescription?

Just let our staff know if you want to change your preferred pharmacy and we will do this for you. If you want to receive paper prescriptions, let us know and we will cancel any nomination.


Is EPS reliable, secure and confidential?

Yes. Your electronic prescription will only be seen by the same people in your GP practice, your pharmacy and the NHS agencies that see your paper prescription now.

For more information about EPS, visit or ask our pharmacist.


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