We are a family-run pharmacy which strives to provide high-quality innovative health services to the community, both NHS & private.  Our pharmacists and pharmacy graduate (pre-registration pharmacist) are on hand to offer you excellent advice on your medicines, minor ailments and general health.

We have a trained Health Champion, who together with the pharmacists and pre-reg provide general health and wellbeing advice on a range of topics.

For example, how to look after your heart, diet, smoking, exercise , blood pressure checking, sexual health, cancer awareness, allergies  and many more!  She also helps run outreach work to loacl community groups, schools, charities etc. on a variety of issues for example, blood pressure testing, stop smoking support, diabetes awareness, sexual health awareness. If you are interested in this, please contact us. 

Rachael Patel

I am a pharmacist with  over 20 years experience  and  run flu, travel  and other vaccinations clinics.  I also run a sexual health clinic and specialise in high blood pressure, asthma and GI complaints, particularly Coeliac disease, and public health.

Sam Patel

I am a pharmacist with over 20 years experience and  also run flu and pneumonia vaccination clinics. I am also  the first point of call for wholesale enquiries.

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