Scholl Complete Corn Treatment Kit constitutes of three parts: the corn removal pads, disc system and the corn cushions.

Scholl Corn disc system has a targeted medicated action for theeffective removal of corns. The Scholl Disc system helps protect surrounding healthy skin. The Ultrasoft pad gives cushioning protection and pain relief. Once the corn has been removed, the corn cushions can then be used to provide pressure relief from the affected area.

  • Medicated action with salicylic acid
  • Ideal for painful corns
  • Relieves removes & cushions

Scholl Corn Removal Plasters


    • Ensure feet are clean and dry
    • Remove medicated disc from backing paper
    • Place firmly over centre of corn, adhesive next to skin
    • Cover with pad, fix with straps.
    • Repeat daily until cotn can be removed


    • Do not use if diabetic, severe circulatory disorders or nerve damage
    • Do not use if sensitive to aspirin or any of the ingredients
    • Do not apply to normal skin
    • Do not use under 16 years of age, except on medical advice
    • Avoid use in pregnancyy or breastfeeding

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