Optrex Double Action drops help restore the balance of your eyes protective layer. Specifically designed preservative-free formula provides instant and long lasting relief of itchy and watery eyes.


Lubricating and protecting double action relief Preservative and phosphate free, Can be used up to 3 months after opening, Suitable to be used in conjunction with anti-histamine treatments, Suitable for use with contact lenses


Specially designed preservative and phosphate free formula: Soothes itchy eyes, Lubricate for long lasting relief and comfort

Optrex Double Action for Itchy and Watery Eyes


    Wash hands thoroughly before use

    • Remove tamper-evident seal prior to first use, and remove cap
    • Tilt head backwards and gently squeeze 1-2 drops into each eye.
    • Blink a few times to ensure the whole eye is covered.
    • Shake the bottle to remove any residual drop.
    • Replace the bottle top tightly after use.


    Sorbitol, Sodium Hydroxide, Carbomer, Sodium Chloride, WFI

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