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Mavala MAVAMed Fungal Nail Solution (5ml)

Mavala MAVAMed Fungal Nail Solution (5ml)


Onychomycosis is a nail infection caused by microscopic fungals.They proliferate in hot, dark and wet places (like shoes) and are fed with keratin, the main component of nails. They can cause nail discolouration (nail becomes white, yellow,...), make nails brittle, or even make them flake (onycholysis).
This infection is contagious and some conditions can increase the risk of contamination, like damaged  nails, excessive sweating, feet always trapped in poorly ventilated shoes, sport practices in swimming pools or barefoot,...


MAVAMed Fungal Nail Solution is a medical device that treats fungal nail infections (Onychomycosis).
The “Instant Killer” complex of this product stops in a few seconds the development of fungus, avoiding spreading onto other nails and brush. It is composed of tea tree oil (inhibits the development of fungal threads), a blending of essential oils - lavender and eucalyptus - and lactic acid (reduces nail pH thus creating an unfavourable environment to the development of mycosis) and urea (allows the active ingredients to better penetrate into the nail plate).

This product also acts as a physical barrier that prevents the spreading of mycosis.
This product is intended for external use and for topical application on the nail plate only.