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Inhalator with 950mg micronised salt.  

BREATHOX® is a salt inhaler that helps relieve cough & irritation caused by chest congestion.

  • Drug-free
  • The only device that uses micronised salt crystals that can go deeper into your airways to provide relief
  • Can be used for primary relief or as an add-on to your regular treatment
  • 1 Inhaler

    BREATHOX® is the first device that uses micronised salt to help cleanse the respiratory tract from your mouth to your lungs. Micronised salt helps reduce the build-up of mucus in your lower airways, alleviating irritation and congestion.

    The salt used in BREATHOX® is extracted from the underground mine at Mariager Fjord in Denmark, and contains no drugs, chemical additives or artificial preservatives. This salt is processed into fine micronised salt crystals (1 - 10 microns), which are easily sucked into both the upper and the lower parts of the lungs.

    BREATHOX® can be used alone or as a drug-free addition to other treatments. It is recommended for the relief of chest congestion.

    Salt inhalation is clinically proven to promote clearing of the lower airways.