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Frezyderm Infant Sun Care 50+ SPF

Frezyderm Infant Sun Care 50+ SPF

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Frezyderm specialised Infant Sunscreen only contains natural filters, making it suitable for babies and infants with sensitive skin. It's designed to shield the skin from harmful UV rays and offers protection from free radicals caused by the sun and air pollution.

It is water-resistant and ideal for babies and children as well as those who have a genetic predisposition for eczema or are intolerant to organic sun filters.

• Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 50+
• Suitable for babies and small children with sensitive skin
• Protects skin against sun exposure and UVR
• Water Resistant
• Contains natural filters


    Cover face and body evenly with the sunscreen, remembering difficult areas including the ears, forehead, nose, feet and areas behind the knees. Apply sunscreen to dry skin 20-30 minutes before sun exposure and renew every hour even on the skin area covered by the T-shirt and after swimming or towel drying.