COMPEED® Corn Active Plasters* contain hydrocolloid active gel technology which relieves pain immediately and improves moisturisation. Combined with salicylic acid, a well known active ingredient used to help accelerate corn removal.


  • Deep cushioning to rapidly release the pressure from corn and relieve pain

  • Ultra adhesive and tapered edges so the cushion flexes with movement to stay in place and protect from further rubbing
  • Form-fitting waterproof and breathable design keeps natural moisture in and germs out for fast natural healing

  • Ideal for harder, more resilient corns

Compeed Corn Plaster Medium

  • SIZE : 1.75cm * 6cm


    • Clean and dry skin before use, ensuring targeted area is free of creams and oils.
    • Remove the top paper, then the bottom paper, avoiding touching the adhesive side.
    • Apply plaster with the embedded disc centrally over the corn, ensuring the edges are well smoothed down.
    • Leave in place until it starts to detach. After maximum 48 hours, remove the plaster.
    • Soak the affected area in warm water for 5 minutes before removing loosened skin.
    • Repeat this procedure as necessary for up to 14 days.

    Do not use if you are diabetic or hypersensitive to salicylic acid or suffer from poor blood circulation. Pregnant women and children: only use with doctor approval.


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