COMPEED® Small Blister Plasters absorbs excess moisture and forms a protective cushion, providing instant pain relief and optimum healing conditions for foot blisters.


  • Deep cushioning to relieve pressure and prevent painful rubbing

  • Ultra adhesive and tapered edges so COMPEED® flexes with movement and stays in place for several days

  • Translucent edges blend in with the skin
  • Translucent edges blend in with the skin

Compeed Blister Plaster Small

  • SIZE : 2cm*6cm


    • Clean and dry skin before use, ensuring blister area is free of creams and oils.
    • Remove the bottom paper, avoiding touching the adhesive side.
    • Apply plaster firmly over blister, ensuring the edges are well smoothed down.
    • Leave in place until it starts to detach (Note: may stay in place up to several days).
    • To remove plaster: do not pull upwards but slowly stretch along the skin.
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