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Audiclean Total Ear Care System

Audiclean Total Ear Care System


Audiclean Total Ear Care System is the safe and effective way to help remove troublesome built-up earwax, and then help prevent wax build-up returning through regular use. The System consists of 2 unique products:

Removes earwax build-up. Audiclean Earwax Remover is a safe and easy solution to the common problem of blocked ears and wax plugs. The natural and effective drops will quickly remove any hardened earwax to help maintain hearing without using harsh chemical solvents found in other products.

Prevents ear wax build-up. Audiclean Ear Cleansing Wash uses 100% natural Sea Serum to prevent future earwax build-up. Using Ear Cleansing Wash twice a week as part of your personal care routine will keep your ears refreshingly clean & clear, helping to ensure that excess earwax build-up does not return.

  • 12ml & 60ml

    • Proven and effective *
    • 100% naturally sourced ingredients.
    • Suitable for the whole family.
    • Safe alternative to cotton buds.
    • Prevention endorsed by ENT specialists.
    • Effective dispersal of wax build up.
    • Audiclean is proven, effective and suitable for the whole family.

    * "Interest of Sterile Isotonic Seawater. Audiclean to Cleanse the External Canal" Journal Francais d'ORL, Volume 50 N°2, 2001.

    This pack contains:

    • Audiclean 12ml Earwax Remover.
    • Audiclean 60ml Ear Cleansing Wash.
    • Instruction for use/ear care guide.