Flu Vaccinations

Flu vaccines are available every year to protect those at risk from complications. If you are eligible (see below) you can book a free NHS flu vaccine. We can do two people from the same household per time slot. If you are booking a private vaccine for two people you will pay the first £15 online when you book and the remaining £15 in person. Please ensure you are wearing a mask and that your arm is easily accessible for a vaccination.

You will be eligible for a free NHS flu vaccine if you are:

  • Aged 65 and over (aged 50 and over from the 1st of December)

  • Aged between 18 and 65 with one or more serious medical conditions outlined here

  • Pregnant

  • A carer, social care worker or hospice worker

  • A household contact of someone on the NHS Shielded Patients List

  • A household contact of an immunocompromised individual

For a full list of eligible groups click here.​

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long will the flu vaccine protect me?

The flu vaccine will provide protection for you for the upcoming flu season. People eligible for flu vaccination should have the vaccine each year.

If I had the flu vaccine last year, do I need it again now?

Yes. The viruses that cause flu can change every year, which means the flu (and the vaccine) this winter may be different from last winter.

Can the flu vaccine give me the flu?

No. The vaccine does not contain any live viruses, so it cannot cause flu.

You may get a slight temperature and aching muscles for a couple of days afterwards, and your arm may feel a bit sore where you had the injection. Other reactions are rare, and flu vaccines have a good safety record.

If I am not eligible for a free flu vaccine, can I still get one?

Adults who are not eligible for a flu vaccine on the NHS can pay for a flu vaccine privately.

Does this protect me from COVID-19?

No, this is not a vaccine for COVID-19, it will only protect you from the flu.


If you would like us to administer flu vaccinations for your employees at your business location, please fill out the form below. 

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