This test tells you if you have the COVID-19 virus now, with results delivered in approximately 60 minutes. Both our lateral flow and PCR tests are conducted at our Chiswick and Hendon (Brent Street) branches.

The aim of a COVID Antigen test is to detect the presence of a protein, which is part of the SARS-Cov-2 virus; that is the cause of COVID-19. These tests are also accepted by some countries for travel purposes. These tests have been accepted by some countries for travelling. If you are travelling, please check the country you are travelling to accepts the rapid antigen test. You will receive an email confirming your COVID status.

If you are travelling to the UK from a non-red list country, you will need a Day 2 test (and Day 8 if you are coming from a non-red list country and not fully vaccinated). If so you can book this by clicking here.


*PRICE FOR ONLINE BOOKING ONLY - walk-in tests are £35

NB: Antigen testing is not as accurate as lab-based PCR testing, which is currently considered the Gold Standard for COVID testing. If you are suffering from any COVID symptoms, we would recommend you opt for our lab-based PCR Test.

Unlike some other lateral flow providers, the results you will receive are approved by a lab. When you receive your results certificate you will get a QR code that links to the lab portal so you don't have to worry about your result being approved.