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With women in mind Solgar® introduced this advanced multivitamin for women, which contains 27 vitamins and minerals to support women’s health.

3/day Suitable for :  Vegan, Vegetarian


Women have different nutritional requirements from men and, as such, may prefer to choose a multivitamin supplement designed specifically with them in mind. Female Multiple contains B Vitamins, including Folic Acid plus Iron, which support normal formation of red blood cells and haemoglobin, which are especially important to women during their child-bearing years. Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D are essential for healthy bones, especially as peak bone mass is reached about 35 years of age. It also includes Biotin and Zinc also known as skin Vitamins, to help maintain a healthy skin, and Vitamin C for normal collagen formation.


FREE OF: Gluten, Wheat, Dairy, Yeast, Preservatives or Artificial Flavours

Solgar Female Multiple

  • Three (3) tablets provide:

    % EC



    Bulking Agents: maltodextrin, microcrystalline cellulose,


    hydroxypropyl cellulose, dicalcium phosphate,


    alginate, pea starch, mannitol, hydroxypropylmethyl


    cellulose, citric acid


    Calcium (as carbonate, bisglycinate†, citrate)

    400mg 50

    Magnesium (as oxide, citrate, bisglycinate†)

    400mg 107

    Vitamin C (as L-Ascorbic acid)

    400mg 500

    Vitamin E (400 IU, as D-alpha tocopheryl acid succinate)

    268 mg α-TE 2233

    Choline (as bitartrate)


    Cellulose Gum


    Anti-caking Agents: vegetable stearic acid, silicon


    dioxide, vegetable magnesium stearate


    Glazing Agents: hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose, vegetable


    glycerin (from palm kernel oil and coconut oil


    Citrus Bioflavonoids




    Iron (as bisglycinate††)

    18mg 129

    Colours: purple carrot powder, titanium dioxide


    Pantothenic Acid (as D-pantothenate, calcium)

    80mg 1333

    Zinc (as bisglycinate†)

    15mg 150

    Thiamin (Vitamin B1, as thiamine mononitrate)

    50mg 4545

    Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine HCI)

    50mg** 3571

    Niacin (Vitamin B3, as nicotinamide)

    60mg NE 375

    Riboflavin (Vitamin B2, as riboflavin, riboflavin-5’-phosphate)

    54mg 3857

    Copper (as bisglycinate†)

    1500µg 150

    Manganese (as bisglycinate†)

    2mg 100

    Natural Source Beta-carotene


    Carotenoid Mix


    Boron (as boric acid)


    Chromium (as picolinate)

    200µg 500

    Selenium (as L-selenomethionine)

    200µg 364

    Folic Acid (as pteroylmonoglutamic acid)

    400µg 200


    300µg 600

    Iodine (as potassium iodide)

    150µg 100

    Vitamin B12 (as cyanocobalamin)

    200µg 8000

    Vitamin D2 (400 IU, as D2 ergocalciferol)

    10µg 200

    Vitamin K (as phytonadione)

    20µg 27


    *EC NRV = EC Nutrient Reference Value. †Albion International, Inc. ††Some iron supplements cause gastrointestinal irritation and constipating effects. This unique form of chelated iron (iron bisglycinate) is formulated for enhanced absorption and is gentle on your system. Albion International, Inc. Not intended for use by pregnant or nursing women. If you are taking any medications, planning any medical or surgical procedure or have any medical condition, please consult your healthcare practitioner before taking this product. Accidental overdose of iron-containing products is a leading cause of fatal poisoning in children under 6. KEEP THIS PRODUCT OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. In case of accidental overdose, call a doctor. **Long term intakes of this amount of vitamin B6 may lead to mild tingling and numbness.