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£9.99Price RHINIX™ is a clinically proven solution to help keep your nose free of pollen. A RHINIX™ nasal filter reduces your outdoor allergy symptoms including runny nose, itchy nose and sneezing. It's a comfortable, drug-free and almost invisible solution for people suffering from all types of pollen allergy.

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    Millions of people from around the world are troubled by hay fever and feel limited in what they can do when pollen season kicks in. Very often the only way to relief is through medicine or by avoiding pollen altogether.

    That's why is introducing RHINIX™ - an almost invisible nasal-filter that serves as the practical, convenient and simple-to-use 'mini-shield' in your nose that'll help bring alleviation when you need it the most.

    Use RHINIX™ whenever you want to do everyday activities that you would normally avoid - like mowing the lawn, playing football, gardening or going for a picnic in the park.

    The RHINIX™ nasal filters are completely drug-free and clinically proven in two studies as reported in the world’s No.1 cited allergy journal The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.