Special suitability test for sensitive, intolerant skin

This soft foam gently cleanses the intimate area, without causing irritation or dryness. It provides mild antiseptic protection, strengthens the natural defenses of the skin and protects against dryness, infections and vaginitis. The foam also reduces odor and irritation, leaving a long-lasting feeling of freshness and comfort. In foam, not requiring scrubbing, for gentle cleansing without irritations.


Suitable for

  • The intimate area post-puberty and pre-menopause
  • Protection against dryness, irritation, infections, vaginitis
  • Menstruation
  • Pregnancy
  • Dryness of the intimate area
  • Bad odor
  • After swimming in the sea or swimming pool
  • Suspected infection


Ingredients/ action

  • Mild surfactants: Gentle cleansing
  • Mild antibacterial surfactants: Mild antiseptic protection
  • Emollients: Protection against dryness
  • Moisturizing agents: Retain the hydrolipid balance
  • Antiphlogistic agents: Reduction of irritation of any reason
  • CM-Glucan: Reinforcement of the body's natural defenses

Intim Area Foam


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