Increases growing hair by 46%*
Parabens free

Treatment for men and women who have hair loss caused by alopecia, hormonal factors and seasonal reactions. Helps control hormone-induced hair loss by reinforcing the root's hold on the scalp. At the same time active ingredients, including copper, iron and zinc, stimulate cell metabolism, reinforce hair growth and provide anti-inflammatory protection. 

*Based on clinical trial 


  • Traction hair loss
  • Androgenic alopecia
  • Chronic hormonal-dependent hair loss
  • Seasonal reactive hair loss
  • Weak hair


  • Iron | Copper | Zinc | Cysteine | Methionine: Keratin Synthesis | Keratin Structure
  • ΡΑΒΑ | Pantothenic acid | Biotin: Functionality | Metabolism | Hair growth
  • Iron | Copper| Zinc | Selenium: Protection against oxidizing agents and free radicals
  • Cysteine | Methionine: Protection of DNA against the oxidation effect of free radicals | Removal of toxins


Frezyderm Hair Force Monodoses


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