COVID-19 PCR Tests

Test for Travel & Test to Release (day 5):

We offer a comprehensive PCR testing service for travel. If you are travelling to a country that accepts them, we can also do a rapid lateral flow test with results within 60 minutes, which can be booked through ourselves below. Both our lateral flow and PCR tests are conducted at our Chiswick and Hendon branches.

For more information and to book your Test for Travel PCR test, click here.

Travelling to the USA, France, Portugal, Germany or Italy:

Many countries have started accepting approved lateral flow/rapid antigen tests for travel. These include the USA, France, Germany, Portugal, Italy and The Bahamas. If you are travelling to one of these countries, you will not need a PCR test and can instead get an approved lateral flow test. You will not be able to use the free NHS tests for these countries. Lateral flow tests are cheaper and provide results in less than 60 minutes. Please check if the country you are travelling to accepts them on the Government website before booking.

Day 2:

We offer Day 2 PCR tests for non-red list countries. Please check the government website to see what test you need before making a booking.

These must be booked before you arrive in England. We offer three options of how to do the test. You can either: pick up the test to do at home and then bring it back once you have completed it, have the test done at our pharmacy, or have the test dropped off at your home and then collected by us after you have done it.  To find out more about our day 2 click here.

You will receive your test code ASAP within our working hours.

For more information and to book your Day 2 PCR test, click here.

​For those living or working in Chiswick, or for those staying in hotels in West London and around Heathrow, it is possible for us to come to you for an additional cost. Please get in touch with us directly for more information here.

Day 2 PCR Tests

Day 2 PCR:
pick-up and return to our pharmacy

Pick-up your test from our pharmacy and drop it off once you have completed it from Sabel Pharmacy in Chiswick.

Day 2 PCR:
in-clinic swab


Get your test done at Sabel Pharmacy in Chiswick.

Day 2 PCR:
home delivery & collection


Have your test delivered and collected from your home if you live in Chiswick or Brentford. The collection will be between 11 am and 12:30 pm.

Lateral Flow for Travel

Lateral flow (rapid antigen) tests tell you if you have the COVID-19 virus now, with results delivered in less than 60 minutes. Unlike the free NHS tests, the lateral flow tests that we provide are accepted by some countries for travel purposes. 

The aim of a COVID Antigen test is to detect the presence of a protein, which is part of the SARS-Cov-2 virus; that is the cause of COVID-19. These tests have been accepted by some countries for travelling. If you are travelling, please check the country you are travelling to accept the rapid antigen test. You will receive an email confirming your COVID status.

*PRICE FOR ONLINE BOOKING ONLY - walk-in tests are £35

NB: Antigen testing is not as accurate as lab-based PCR testing, which is currently considered the Gold Standard for COVID testing.

If you are suffering from any COVID symptoms, we would recommend you opt for our lab-based PCR Test.


Unlike some other lateral flow providers, the results you will receive are approved by a lab. When you receive your results certificate you will get a QR code that links to the lab portal so you don't have to worry about your result being approved.

Cancellation of Day 2 & Day 8 Tests:

Unfortunately, we cannot provide refunds for Day 2 or Day 8 tests.